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Purchasing, Selling & leasing in Thailand is fraught with legal situations that are unique to Thailand. Hiring a lawyer is essential to ensure that your property is transferred correctly and that there will not be any problems down the line.

Some basics:

  • Foreigners can purchase & own condos & apartments in their own name. Refer here

  • Foreigners cannot* own land in their own name, however a company can be established with the purchase made through the company, however there are several factors that must be secured when using this formula to safeguard your interests long-term.

  • *Under investment conditions, foreigners can purchase land, however the investment amounts are rather high as this is designed to attract major industry.

  • Foreigners can lease land for 30 year periods with rights of renewal. Again, safeguards are needed to secure your best interests as Thai law is very different to Western law in several aspects.

A partial list of some of our property services.

  • Buying /  Selling /  leasing Condos / Apartments

  • Buying / Selling / leasing House & Land

  • Buying / Selling / leasing Land

  • Buying / Selling / leasing Commercial properties

  • 30 year Lease Agreement

  • Selecting a Property Agent

  • Legal Planning & Contract reviews

  • Selecting ownership legal structure

  • Title Investigation

  • Transferring monies from overseas

  • Long term local loans

  • Translation of documents

  • Preparing for the worst (divorce, death)

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