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Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Intellectual property law is often both complex and confusing to the lay person, especially when they are considering I.P. law in developing countries. Thailand has in effect I.P laws that comply with international conventions and that rival many western countries.
  • Intellectual Property Law, that is patents, trademarks and copyright, are protected by the Patent Act BE 2522 (1979), Trademark Act BE 2534 (1991) and the Copyright Act BE 2521 (1978) and their amendments respectively. 
  • Trade secrets are protected by the Trade Secret Act BE 2545 (2002). 
  • The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) manages intellectual property matters such as registration and enforcement. 
  • A registration system exists for trademarks and patents. 
  • Copyright is automatically protected for 50 years and does not need registration, however it can be filed with the DIP. 
  • Disputes are first heard in the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court.

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Two documents that are useful background reading
  • Thailand's implementation on Intellectual Property Rights Report

    Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Thailand

    Authored in 2010

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  • Thailand's progress in protecting & enforcing intellectual Property Rights

    US Trade Representative Office

    Authored in 2010

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