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Family Law & Children's Rights

This page is focused on family law in relation to children. For marriage & divorce information visit this page

The main source of family law is the Civil and Commercial Code sections 1435 to 1598 (Book V).
  • If a child is born out of wedlock then the Mother has full parental rights. and the Father has no rights.

  • If the biological parents later marry both parties enjoy parental rights.

  • The biological Father can apply for parental rights without marriage by applying for registration at the Amphur. In this instance the child must be at least 7 years old and be able to sign his/her name. All parties must consent to the registration.

  • If you are named as the Father on the birth certificate of the child, but you were not married with the Mother at birth, and you didn't marry her after the birth, you can still legitimize your rights as father using section 1555 of CCCT. A petition to the Family court is required.

  • In case of divorce by mutual consent, the spouses shall make an agreement in writing for the exercise of parental power over each of the children. In the absence of such agreement or an agreement thereon cannot be reached, the matter shall be decided by the Court.

  • In case of divorce by judgment of the court, the parental power belongs to the party in whose favor the judgment is given, unless it is decided by the court that the parental power shall belong to the other party, or that a third person shall be the guardian. 

  • Parental Kidnapping is not a crime in Thailand and Thai authorities will not issue a warrant or become involved should one parent take a child without the other parent's authorization.  

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There is too much detail in family law to fully present on this page however you can read specific information in the following PDF files that can be either viewed online or downloaded and read later.

  • Chapter ll Rights & Duties of Parent & Child 
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