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Work Permits

To undertake any form of work in Thailand it is necessary to obtain a work permit. Undertaking this task yourself, or in-house can be a daunting and very time-consuming task.

We are experienced professionals who know how to process work permits.

Our extensive experience in working with government departments and a clear understanding of the law and process allows us to process work permits quickly and surely.

We will ensure your peace of mind

Obtaining a non-immigrant visa from your home country.
  • Company provides applicant with a job-offer letter.
  • Company requests that the applicant is given a non-immigrant visa so that the company can apply for the applicant's work permit
  • The company will be required to provide you with copies of the company registration documents and financial statements .
  • You should apply for your visa at least 30 days prior to leaving your country.

Every application is based upon its own merits & the correct preparation of documentation is imperative to a successful application 

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Obtaining your work permit.

Your employees will be required to provide the following documentation:
  • Commercial Registration Certificate
  • Certified Shareholders list
  • Factory license (if required)
  • VAT Certificate 
  • Withholding tax certificate
You will need to provide:
  • Non-immigrant B visa
  • Signed copies of every page of your passport
  • Departure card TM 6
  • 3 5x6cm photo portraits 
  • Signed copies of education certificates & degrees
  • Other related certificates & licenses that you hold
  • You Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Marriage certificate if married to a Thai national.