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Investment & Business Purchases

Thailand offers many opportunities for foreign investment in business for both the small investor and the large investor. However there are many legal requirements & limitations as well as crooks and scams. 

Maneuvering through the maize of legal requirements and ensuring the legitimacy of business opportunities is best accomplished with the assistance of a  good lawyer working on your behalf.

When you are ready to start looking for an investment come and visit us for a free consultation. Get to know us & when you wish to investigate specific business opportunities we can react quickly & do the ground-work necessary for due-diligence leaving you free to focus on finding opportunities.

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The Alien Business Law of 1972 primarily serves to define and narrow the scope of foreign participation in Thai business activities. An alien is defined as a person or company without Thai nationality and includes:

 •A company with at least one-half of shares in its registered capital being held by aliens or companies in which the capital contribution by aliens exceeds 50 percent.
 •A company with more than half of the number of shareholders, partners or members being alien, regardless of their capital investment.
 •A limited partnership, or a registered ordinary partnership in which the managing partner is an alien.

Businesses activities initiated in Thailand fall under categories A, B and C of the Alien Business Law and are subject to restrictions regarding alien participation.

Businesses in Categories A and B are closed to aliens. Aliens enterprises granted promotional privileges by the Board of Investment are permitted to engage in a Category B business.

Businesses in Category C are open to alien involvement. Aliens wishing to engage in Category C business activities must submit an application to the Department of Commercial Registration for a permit, an Alien Business License, before beginning business activities.

Business Activities Category A

Business Activities Category B

Business Activities Category C

Category C – Open to Aliens

Business in Commerce

Wholesales of all types of products within the country except those specified in Category A (Above)
Export of all types of products
Retailing machinery, equipment and tools
Sale of food and beverage for the promotion of tourism

Business in Industry and Handicrafts

Manufacture of animal feeds
Extraction of vegetable oil
Manufacture of embroidering and knitting products including weaving, dyeing, and pattern printing
Manufacture of glass containers including light bulbs
Manufacture of crockery
Manufacture of writing and printing paper
Rock salt mining

Business in Services

Except for those specified in Category A and Category B


Other constructions except those specified in Category A

Category A – Closed to Aliens

Agricultural Businesses

Rice farming
Salt farming, including manufacture but excluding rock salt mining

Commercial Businesses

Internal trade in local agricultural products
Land trade

Service Businesses


Brokerage or agency

Barber, hairdressing, and beautification

Other Businesses

Building construction

Category B - Closed to Aliens unless promoted by the Board of Investment

Agricultural Businesses

Orchard farming
Animal husbandry, including silk worm raising

Industrial and Handicraft Businesses 

Rice mill
Manufacture of flour from rice field crops
Manufacture of sugar
Manufacture of beverage, with and without 
Alcoholic blending
Manufacture of ice
Manufacture of drugs
Cold storage
Wood processing
Manufacture of product from gold, silver, niello, or bronze
Manufacture of casting of images of Buddha and manufacture of alms bowls
Manufacture of wood carvings
Manufacture of lacquer ware
Manufacture of all types of matches
Manufacture of lime, cement, or cement by-products
Stone blasting or crushing
Manufacture of plywood, wood veneer, chip-board or Hard-board
Manufacture of garment or shoes except for export
Printing press
Newspaper publication
Silk combing, silk weaving or printing of pattern or Silk material
Manufacture of products from silk, silk treads or silk cocoon.

Commercial Businesses

Retailing of all products except those specified in Category C (Below)
Sale of mining products except those specified in Category C 
Sale of all types of food and beverage except those specified in Category C
Sale of antiques, period antiques or works of art.

Service Businesses

Tour agencies
Hotel business except hotel management
Business under the law on service-providing establishments
Photography, photographic developing and printing
Tailoring and dressmaking

Other Businesses

Internal transport by land, water, or air.