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Accounting Cost & Control Systems

As business environments have become increasingly dynamic and competitive, it has become increasingly important for managers to develop coherent, internally and logically consistent business strategies and to have tools and models which provide useful information to support strategic decision-making, planning and control. 

We focus on the use of accounting data and related information regarding strategy and operations for these purposes. 

  • The balanced scorecard, a comprehensive set of performance measures designed to assist managers in implementing competitive strategies and monitoring performance with respect to them. 
  • Strategic variance/profitability analysis, systems which decompose measures of budgeted versus actual net income into variances which managers can relate logically to a firm's or strategic business unit (SBU's) mission and business strategy and therefore use to analyze performance from a strategic perspective. 

  • Profit-linked performance measurement systems, models which decompose measures of changes in profitability over time into measures of changes in constructs such as productivity and price recovery, which can be logically linked to a firm's/SBU's mission and business strategy and analyzed from those perspectives. 

  • Levers of control, a comprehensive framework for organizing and employing management control systems to promote strategic objectives.
What we will do for you
  • Apply the concept of control
  • Implement well-designed management accounting and control systems
  • Implement a total-life-cycle costing approach to managing product costs over the value chain
  • compute and implement target costs
  • identify environmental costing issues
  • Apply the process of benchmarking best practices 
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